Wednesday, August 18, 2010

cross legged circle

I've got a big room. I cannot leave the big room, at least not in this lifetime. But I can fill it with dragons and refrigerators and number two pencils and cardamom and anything else I can think of. Or I can empty it, completely empty it, in the blink of an eye.  Welcome to my big room.

The thing about having, doing, writing, maintaining a blog is that, usually, to be of interest, the blog should to have something to say. That's the trouble, see. There really isn't anything at all to say, meaning no one has got anything to say, really. You could safely ignore these letters, these words, this post, this blog, this notion of an Important Idea, this big room. You'll be fine, oh yes You will.  Because, as You no doubt already know, the really Important Ideas usually look like this:
Important Idea
and you'll not find anything that looks like that here. So if that's the stimulus You're after, feel free to turn your continuous partial attention to notion asserters of due import. I left that world behind and do not intend, with this blog, to reenter it.

So why do this?  Why write Non-Important Ideas?  Why open the door to this big room for so many anonymous human kin and others to peer into? I got this blog for my birthday. And I've decided I'm all growed up enough to tell You what's in my big room, or what's not in it, as the case may be. You will not want to miss this, oh no You won't. You may like what You find, or You may not.  You may find it odd, or mundane.  It's not Important, You know.  The delicious, illuminative, visionary life eludes as a sinusoidal tickle that cannot be reached by Important Ideas. These tiny post-partisan past participle post particles floating in a universe of too much information will induce sneezing.  Guhbleshoo.