Monday, April 11, 2011


Hummm?  Huh?  What is that echo?  What a dumb monkey thought, coulda been anyone's, but here on this event horizon?  Unlook, nowhere! The elusive off switch!  And things only get interesting when it shuts off, dearly beloved brain.  Yes, that's when they, the Things, get interesting, but don't look too hard or it, the brain, comes back on, yes. Like a head-lolling sleep taking over awareness, monopolizing the stage, sucking dry every ounce of conscious awareness until.

Stop again.  Let it roll, rocking untouched across the unabridged abyss.

Can I get off this ride, stop knowing?  End performing?  This predicament is awry bread, a wheat bed, a treat dread.  Defying definition, and meaningless metaphors of hard places and rocks.


The moment. The longest illusory moment fades sublimely into the phased moon's refracted pulp fiction. Wow the view. I can see everything just so, but understand nothing, oh no, until the brain.  ReCollects. The past... aaaand the future.  And jumps back onto the world of monkey brains.  Whooping just for the THRILL man, Shit Yeah!

But you never forget the click.

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