Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

idea art

Ideas are works of art; they are acts of creation. Each is a big bang creating new universes of possibility-space, irrevocably altering the background radiation of consciousness. No one looks at an artistic masterpiece and says "prove it." Freely teleporting beyond science, logic and philosophy it silently changes everything. Express!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


A father's contribution is more in the example he sets than his presence or level of engagement in his children's lives. He loves not through the tenderness of his embrace but through the integrity of his expression. Rock on, fathers!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

reflections on the Evolver Convergence

Always partial to road trips as a means of cleaning mental cobwebs, this one did not disappoint. Far from it. I found a few fellow Evolvers in Boston to share the ride with me and off we set. The miles evaporated into great conversation, chill music, and the joyful anticipation in our hearts. Bald Eagle synchronicities came in waves after seeing an actual living breathing one of these formidable birds when we stopped in a cozy park in Scranton to stretch our legs and minds. The eagle archetype followed us the rest of the way to Pittsburgh, appearing now and then as a presentiment to coming attractions. Prepare for power the signs called; prepare for visions. Auspicious indeed!

I'd experienced Talat's terrific chakra activation and talk a few weeks prior in Boston, so I took the opportunity to take in the art and the eclectic surroundings at The Warehouse upon arrival on Friday night. Later, after the talk I ricochet between conversations with people about art, and conversations with art about people, and far flung reports on the intrinsic, self-evident qualities of space-time with newly reunited soul mates from past lives or parallel universes. I was among family, riffing psychedelic about my music and my chronometry and countless noospherical ideas with people who cherished these expressions. I felt as if I had just come up for air after a decade-long dive into the nether reaches of default reality. And the keg of kombucha put it over the top!

Saturday's opening salvo with Charles Eisenstein was yet more confirmation of our collective evolution finding traction and working. We brought a being into our midst, the energetic embodiment of the ideas and energies of the better world our hearts know is possible. To me it was a soothing opalescent green inferno burning up to the rafters and beyond from within our squared circle in the sanctuary. We must have shone like a beacon on the luminous plane. We're here and we mean funloving artful business. Oh yeah!

I'm not a note-taker. I'm most effective at the aesthetic-intuitive level, where I can absorb the qualities and allow only those facts and ideas of greatest importance to me flutter down to sequential access memory. What follows are my "notes".

Adam Elenbaas filled a room with cheerful pragmatism as he ran down the gauntlet of the zodiac's twelve houses. I'm him, he's me. I can decide to do anything and my natal gifts and gaffs will follow me to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

Jennifer Palmer lifted a great weight from my psyche with her talk on online telepathy. The people we meet online are like filaments and fragments of identity and persona. We are the center of our online universe. And it is the same with everyone else. Synchronicity reminds us that all is wildly in order, on schedule, and rife with trickster meaning. So Pay Attention!

Stella Osorojos passed on the intensely powerful Inner Child Meditation to small group us in the Evolvetorium. I learned that I have been neglecting the lighthearted fun side of me, and what to do about it. So grateful for that insight! Others in the room all had very different, very powerful experiences. It only took five minutes. If you missed it, it's in her book. You HAVE to get tapped into this. Really.

Then came the sharing of the gifts. With permission to talk about the gifts I bring to the world and to tell others what I see as their gifts, a portal opens and invites entry into a life of fulfillment. My heart was in full bloom then. I took a stroll around the church grounds humming from my chest, adding fuel to the fire stirring within.

Back at The Warehouse that night, the Inner Divinity party was a spiraling fractal of deities and demons, angels and devils. The glow sticks I brought diffused little by little among the gathering revelers. I admired costumes and talked conscious evolution and rocked out and chilled. I met Jesus drinking a beer in a crusty painted school bus, and told him I admired his work. I ended the night dancing to the absolutely smokin' sounds of Lungs Face Feet a brass, accordian and percussion band. Damn they were hot!

Sunday began with a wonderfully uplifting worship jam led by the Methodist church that was graciously hosting our Convergence. I followed that up with Large Scale Geometry and Labyrinth Building, then Psychic Development, the Evolver Roundtable, and finally the Psychedelic Renaissance.

But of course the pinnacle of the event was the closing ceremony, lead simply and beautifully by Daniel Pinchbeck and Carolyn Elliott. After hugs and joyful celebration in the church sanctuary, the gathering spilled outside to find a full quadruple rainbow arching over the city of Pittsburgh. The scene was by turns disbelief, gaping child-eyed wonder and absolute glee. It was a mere synchronicity, that's all. But that's everything.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

great poetry

The world is great poetry. No one reads a great poem and requires proof of its meaning. Its truth is intrinsic, self-evident, and requires no justification. It is written in our hearts.

Friday, June 8, 2012

time is art

Everything is right on schedule. "Time is art." --José Argüelles