Friday, August 31, 2012

Consciousness Is

The mind is a curious instrument in that it can spin these frameworks that provide a sense of meaning, purpose, order, comfort to the ego, but that ultimately never stand up to scrutiny. Like works of art they are always approximate and incomplete. You can always ask "why?" and dig further down the infinite rabbit hole, as any 4 year old persistently demonstrates. Building these frameworks, and all ideas I think, are creative acts carried out in a cognitive realm. As such they can be incredibly beautiful or useful pieces of the paradigm puzzle, and they can provide technologies and modalities through which to further create. But note that they are always ultimately built upon what was fabricated before. Follow that back to primorida and I see that the things we hold as "true" are simply those frameworks that have gained consensus (or perhaps equilibrium) in consciousness. Even the giant foundational ones like science, life and space-time itself are fabrications, creations of consciousness with limits, approximations and frayed edges. Not to diminish this accomplishment at all! In fact this is where I see the manifestation of incredible order, anti-entropy, sequitur, a fantastic legacy of godlike creation. (When science holds that everything is descending into chaos through entropy, it is an indication of the scope, approximation and incompleteness playing out in their frameworks, because it is so clearly not true on the grand scale.) Most people I guess call this Source, Oneness, God, Love, what have you. But to name it is to approximate it, externalize it and turn it into a framework (or a religion). Consciousness is.

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