Friday, September 21, 2012

Peace Day 2012

Peace Day 2012. Aggressive response to conflict* mostly boils down to feces and its subtle effects on consciousness over time. Eat like crap, crap like crap. Crap like crap, feel like crap. Feel like crap, breathe shallowly. Breathe shallowly, become ruled by fear**. Rule by fear colors thoughts, logic, words, actions. Fearful actions escalate crises and catastrophes. So eat organic, mostly plants, in moderate quantities. Get rid of chemical cleaner, hygiene and cosmetic products. This will change your world, slowly, subtly (don't expect overnight miracles). And eventually, through collective effects, it will change The World. To peace or not is a choice of action that I, you and everyone makes individually and personally. It's a verb. Choose Peace.

* Conflict is not the same as violence. Conflict is a normal and natural occurrence. Violence is a particular response to conflict.

** Fear is not the same as cowardice. Leaders rushing us off to war out of fear of some imagined future might be seen as courageous. But in my view the "courageous" act of going to war is complete failure and submission to fear. I guarantee the collective colon of such society is full of sticky, fetid grunk*** powering that fear. On the other hand nonviolence in the face of conflict is also seen as courageous, but takes an enormous effort in overcoming fear and is always successful in the long run.

*** No offense to the The Royal Government of National Union of Kampuchea. I just liked the onomatopoeia.

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