Monday, November 26, 2012

fully alive

Learning the crucial importance of being in the place and engaging in the activities that make one feel the most fully alive.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Outpourings of gratitude and love for human connection and capacity. From the basic survival of our physical person; to our deepest longings and illusions of incompleteness; to our unstoppable cascade of actions and reactions; to our world building expansiveness and compassion for one another; to our ability to codify all of that in a sequence of approximate ideas and cultural utterances; to the knowing beyond knowing; and to the meniscus, the vanishing point, the event horizon, the membrane of the nonconceptual is-ness of consciousness. May this day of the Solar eclipse, the Mercurial stirring, the Martian calm and the cleansing Venusian rain bring us all fully into alignment with our greater purpose, unlock the codex of our inner emissary, and spread our knowingness down into the tangible!

We're on a train. It's moving as fast as life. The train can support limitless physical and psychological weight. But we are holding our baggage in our hands, over our shoulders, around our necks, on our hips, afraid to put it down. In each bag is a memory, a belief, a self-concept, a trapped emotion zippered up. There is one huge, heavy bag labeled LOVE. Inside are all the attachments we have applied to this universal truth. Parental suspenders, lustful underwear, domesticated pants, hard-work boots, cozy socks, disenchanted dental floss, romantic pearl-drop earrings, egoic survival kit, endless. Today we take this bag off of our shoulders and put it down on the train of life. There's plenty of space for everyone's bag, and no fee. Put it down. Rest. LOVE. Universally. Tell everyone that you love them, that they are loved, that they are LOVE.

I LOVE you, dear friends, and you are LOVE. May it further fertilize your flourishing greater gardens. Peace and limitless blessings to you and yours.

Friday, November 2, 2012


That intuition may be free from the vice grip of the mind. That we may breathe away our fears. That doubt, bitterness, cynicism, derision and other negative, shunting energies may be transmuted. That our vast untapped capacities may be realized. That hearts may open to their world-building potential. That violent and apocalyptic obsessions may be sublimated to more fruitful ends. That interconnection and interdependence may become the recognized norms. That we may light up the noosphere with human consciousness. Those are my wishes. How about yours?