Sunday, January 6, 2013

higher dimensions

Dare you to try. Try to go beyond the boundaries of sight, beyond the breath of sound and the brush of touch. The urges of emotions captivate and fling you far. Our hunger growls. The imperative to breathe is beyond our conscious control. The adrenaline of a brush with danger impels us to safety, overruling any cultivated detachment. There is the unshakable sense that the passage of time is some sort of objective, external factor beyond our grasp. This program is so predictable, not in the sense of events being preordained, but in the sense of nothing occurring outside of a prescribed array of inputs and outputs, motivations and tendencies, perspectives and perceptions, pleasures and pains.

What are we to glean from such knowledge? Where further leads the question "is this all there is?" One can intuit a "no" answer, but is this just again the scripted tendency to explore, to cross every boundary, to dig ever deeper? Do we only imagine that we are making "progress" along some objective trajectory of discovery? Is anything really "new", or can we only discover higher-energy expressions of what we already are?

We rise in this mortal form from the substrate of undifferentiated potentiality. Doing so only allows us to examine this condition of arising, and in our case the human type of arising. "I" hereby declare that I have experienced enough of this human way. I hereby declare my intent and will to arise in a new modality once I am free of this human body. In such new modality, duality is fully understood by all beings, who are therefore benevolent and compassionate, open and free. The substrate of manifestation is under full conscious willful disposition of these beings, who use it to meld together and spin-off universes like sparklers. They disincarnate and reincarnate at will to renew themselves and refresh their temporalities.

I will my consciousness into the higher dimensions, now, forever and always.