Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Storm clouds clear, revealing first a circular portal through thick clouds, then a thinning sunset of red and yellow, anchoring an arching blue sky. Sol and Lune don shimmering, shifting masks and perform their mythic dance upon the mighty stage. With a conspiratorial wink they reveal in their drama the falsehood of male-female duality. "You are not your body, nor your emotions," they telepath into receptive minds. The coincidence of gender falls away like a musty over-used chaise lounge, as the floor of mind drops out. Perception suspends like dust in mid-space. Momentary time diffuses into the backdrop, and with a withering moan, silence dawns.

It is when we cease to fight what is, that what is gives way to peace. It is when we allow creation to come of its own accord, that the perfect creation comes about. It is when we cease interest in power, that all power comes to our disinterested aide. When we are fast enough to fully inhabit the next moment before it arrives in the present then time ceases to control the frame. Let the conversation shift to the universal love from which we are born and into which we die. What is important in the objective sense of the word? 

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