Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lover Earth

I eat of her fruit,
Her succulent sweets
And her pungent sours
Dripping from my chin.

I delight in her waters,
Cascading rushes,
Engulfing pleasures
of oceanic measure.

Her crashing stormy moods
Contradict mercy.
I take humble shelter
In sorrow, no pity.

I call out, exalted,
To her monumental art,
To her poise and balance,
To her heart of joy!

I watch her bathe in sunlight,
In the sea of diamonds,
A delicate marbled jewel
Among mythic siblings.

I dream as she exhales
Shimmering moonlight,
Silver nightgown gleaming
At the cricket concerto.

At dawn I rise from dust
To carry on her life's work,
To build her great tribute
in time's art sublime.

I retire to dust at dusk,
To her deep peat bosom.
Merging our bodies,
My spirit soars free.

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