Tuesday, July 16, 2013

There Is No Choice, Really

I awaken to a powerful love and supple strength wafting in the aethers. I am, as usual, a few days early to the party, setting the room with gleeful surprises and cozy nooks. The others arrive, some on time, some late. Many simply lost along the way, never to show their faces. We roll. Dust and din stir. Our hearts merrily tralumping adrenaline infused blood to all extremities, lighting up the invisible realms with flashes of love's supreme intelligence and a ground of irrefutable being. We soak in the amazement and mystery that it has, somehow after all, completely come to this, and yet contains still no sense of finality.

We laugh like children. Why did we ever hold back? Will we now cease to do so? These are the questions balanced so precariously upon our lips, that we scarcely dare ask. We know that we are a whisper away from answering, and that to answer is to choose. And we know what we must choose. Constantly. And we already know what the choice must be, for there is no other way but forward in time, onward toward the light, inexorably back to union. So, this day, at this party, when we find ourselves imbued with such power and strength, this is the day we will choose to ride the rainbow across the galaxy, and claim the paradise of this round's triumph. Love is One, and One to All.

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