Monday, December 9, 2013

Energetic Protection

Bring attention to your crown chakra as a fountain of energy emanating from the top of your head. See the fountain cascading around your body forming an energetic shell roughly egg shaped. Curl it around under your feet too a foot or so below the floor/ground. Now see your heart chakra as the center of this egg, and engage the heart's wisdom along with your will and intention to make the egg into a filter. Set aside doubts and intend the following: energies that do not serve me, that do not have my best interest at heart may not pass in from the outside. Energies that do serve me, that are beneficial may pass in. Similarly energies from within that no longer serve me, that you have outgrown are respectfully allowed to pass to the outside and back to source in gratitude for their service in evolving. Energies that sustain me, that are beneficial or preservative to self, or essential may not pass to the outside and may not drain away, they will reflect back in and gain in strength.

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