Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thanks for Being

One of the things I love most about being a parent is telling my kids how awesome I think they are, not for any accomplishment or for anything they've said or done, but just for being the amazing, resplendent human creature that they are, just for being. I think all parents feel this way deep down but may have a hard time expressing it. Perhaps that's because it might seem to undermine their authority or because they feel that they must constantly push their children to improve according to certain standards of lifestyle and livelihood. But at a deeper level the mere existence of the child is a miracle to the parents. Communicating this sense of intrinsic self-worth is great for helping the child in building a healthy self-concept, which is the base from which all relationships form and all choices are made. I believe a healthy self-concept, self-love, is the truest guide toward right relationships, right lifestyle and right livelihood, where "right" means that which fits for the child in the world at this moment, not necessarily that with which the parents agree. So if you're a parent tell your children that you think they are awesome and that you admire them tremendously for exactly who they are. And if you are somebody's child (we all are) then simply claim this as truth, that to your parents you are a miracle, even if they are not around or are unable to express it. And know that you *are* a miracle. Knowing this and passing it on will heal your lineage, and in seven generations it will change the world.

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